MyPocketCalc Versions

Version Released Description
v0.0.1 14 Dec 2003 Tests of display and computing technology
v0.0.6 10 Jan 2004 All basic scientific operations are available.
v1.0.0 10 Jan 2004 Added trigonometric functions.
v1.0.1 14 Jan 2004 Added horizontal scrolling of stack objects, hyperbolic functions and absolute value.
v1.0.3 25 Jan 2004 Added variables management.
v1.0.4 29 Jan 2004 Modified error, added !, mod, archyperbolic functions
v1.0.5 07 Feb 2004 Added local number format management. Improved constants and variable management.
Bugs correction:
- atanh return value was incorrect
- crash when pressing "," or "." two times on the same number
- crash when recalling an unknown variable.
v1.0.6 08 Feb 2004 Improved Vars menu and multi arguments functions. The configuration is now saved and read from an XML file.
v1.0.7 09 Feb 2004 The stack can be saved to an XML file.
v1.0.8 10 Feb 2004 Improved stack elements serialisation. The stack can be read from an XML file only with the full .Net Framework. Added comments to the code.
v1.0.9 11 Feb 2004 Added quick "Store to". The stack is automatically serialized and deserialized from an XML file, even in .Net Compact Framework.
v1.0.10 12 Feb 2004 Reduced stack serialization file size. Improved parenthesis automatic generation. Added circular variable definition management.
v1.0.11 14 Feb 2004 Serialize stack and variables to an XML file. Improved "<<" function and number imput. New infinite, drop and square root symbol. Added max and min functions. Added program icon.
v1.0.12 15 Feb 2004 Improved variables deserialization. Added variable recall and push.
Bug correction:
- Automatic recomputation of formulas including variables didn't occure.
v1.0.13 15 Feb 2004 Improved number input, factorial function, result display.
v1.0.14 16 Feb 2004 Improved reliability. Added base management.
v1.0.15 02 Mar 2004 Added vertical scrolling of the stack.
v1.0.16 07 Mar 2004 Added degree and radian angular angle management. Improved trigonometric functions computation. Reduced executable size. Added Cab file with uninstallation process.
v1.0.17 08 Mar 2004 Bug correction: InvalidOperationException when deleting the last character of the last operation of the stack
v1.0.18 12 Mar 2004 Added "E" on the keyboard. Added scientific, fixed, engineer and standard number format, and decimal places.
v1.0.19 14 Mar 2004 Improved display performance and memory usage. Added predefined variable names. Changed stack font.
Bug correction:
- ArithmeticException occured when using sin or tan function on NaN (ie ???).
- Unable to correctly deserialize variable pointing to another variable (from XML stack file)
- Sin and tan function result may produce invalid result
v1.1.00 06 Apr 2004 High resolution (480x640 or 640x480), square (240x240) screens and rotation are supported. Windows Mobile 2003 SE compatible. The keyboard is now in color (.NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 needed). Added help file. The software is no more runnable on desktop .NET Framework.
Bug correction:
- Store to an undefined variable name crash the program
- Full backspaces on a number being entered removes top of stack element on the next input
v1.2.00 25 Aug 2004 Improved start up & exit performance, less memory usage (on-called menu generation, many code review).
Divided XML Stack file size by 3 (no more XML indent, less long object names...). Changed XML file names.
Added File > Options menu with appearance preview. Added hardware pad control of the stack and optional performance counter.
v1.3.00 16 Jan 2005 Improved memory usage, VGA display, performance of stack sliding. Allow appearance and colors settings via skin files. Added BitWise operations. Changed help file location.
v1.3.3 18 Sep 2005 Operation drawing is more accurate and real looking. Added ->Frac, Undo, Statistics operations.


2004-2006 Patrick Barret
Last updated 2004-08-26